Artificially Intelligent Emotion Recognition

Technology that reads facial micro-expressions.


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A new era of video metrics:

Predictive Emotional Analytics

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence and machine learning EmoVu understands humans' emotions.

EmoVu portal allows accurate measurement of video content's emotional engagement and effectiveness on target audiences. We invite both short and long form video content owners to distribute ready-to-test creative to thousands of emotive viewers through our easy to use platform.

The cloud-based software reads facial micro-expressions via webcams, while targeted viewers watch video content on their computers or mobile devices. Emotional data is then synchronized automatically with video playback for second by second analysis and is aggregated dynamically by gender, age group and DMA on our intuitive dashboard for advanced insights and normative benchmarking analysis.

Before & After

EmoVu provides predictive analytics and can therefore be used either before or after content debuts.

Gauge messaging resonance and emotional connection to your creative, either for particular scenes or for the overall video before content debuts. Maximize emotional engagement and save wasted budgets on poor content.

Use immediately after distribution to track early signs of engagement, social effect, content virality potential and individual media outlet performances. Maximize content buzz and allocate smart budgets for campaign retargeting.

Emotions and ROI.

Emotional campaigns are twice as likely to generate large profit gains than rational ones.

It's a fact: establishing an emotional connection with the audience creates a more effective tie. Video content owners that create an emotional appeal deliver better results and provide more powerful consumer experiences. EmoVu measures those emotions!

Predictive | Accurate | Scalable | Cost Efficient | Fast

Millions of targeted viewers are ready to emote in front of your content at high scale, affordably and with a quick turn-around time.