EmoVu Mobile SDK is available for both iOS and Android powered devices. The SDK empowers mobile developers to create emotionally-intelligent devices and mobile applications via artificially intelligent emotion recognition technology that reads people’s facial micro expressions via webcams.

The Mobile SDK offers a wealth of Emotional, Engagement and Demographics insights that allow third party applications to better understand mobile users’ emotions and demographics while they interact with videos, apps, games, websites…etc. These predictive emotional analytics can then be leveraged by mobile developers to help tailor enhanced mobile user experiences.

The development kit enables third party applications to process all data collected locally on the device itself; which makes processed data available immediately for consumption by other applications or processes.

EmoVu mobile SDK supports multiple input modalities including videos (all standard formats including mp4, avi, flv), images (all standard formats including jpg, png, bmp), image sequences as well as camera streams.

EmoVu mobile SDK is GPU compatible where applicable and provides a large number of deliverables including face detection coordinates, 3D head pose values, an intensity score level for 7 universal emotions, 5 engagement metrics and 3 mood indicators; anonymous demographics based on 2 genders and 4 age groups; eye activity and time stamp for contextual synchronization with stimuli or timeline.

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