We bring a new era of Emotion Analytics that transform Human Machine Interaction (HMI).

Our Deep learning based vision technology enables everyday devices to understand how we feel, who we are and how we perceive the environment around us. Welcome to a new era of machine emotional intelligence.

Intelligent vision that embeds into the environment and adds a new primary sense through passive interfaces designed to feel in context-sensitive situations.

Technology that transforms consumer electronics into Emotionally Intelligent devices that understand users feelings and provide customizable experiences.

A self-serve cloud based portal that allows measurement of video content’s emotional engagement and predictive effectiveness on target audiences.

Vision software for A Better Ambient Intelligence (AmI)

Today’s electronic environments are more sensitive and responsive to the presence of people than ever. Eyeris’ Emotionally Intelligent vision technology adds a crucial dimension to devices Contextual Awareness to support a better Ambient Intelligence. EmoVu software embeds into the environment passively to accurately identify users, understand their emotions and personalize their individual experiences via intelligent adaptive interfaces.

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Race & Context


We bridge the gap between emotion recognition, face recognition, age & gender identification, eye tracking, gaze estimation and everything else in between. Eyeris’s Deep-learning based software provides the most comprehensive analytics ever extracted from a human face.

Focused On Advancing Technology </> Inspired By Developers

We focus heavily on advancing technology R&D. Whether to incorporate GPU acceleration or integrate ToF sensor support; we‘re driven to push technology boundaries everyday. As a result, we provide a suite of products designed to help developers incorporate our emotion recognition technology in their own applications, under their development environment and computer language of choice.

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“Eyeris …envisions therapeutic apps that could detect when a person feels stress.”

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“Things that make us excited…Eyeris analyzes data to provide an idea of how people reacted to a video.”

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“Eyeris has developed a platform that can recognize and record a viewer’s emotional reactions in real time.”

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