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Intelligent video player that understands viewers emotions.

EmoVu Player is an online video player with built-in emotion recognition technology.

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How it works

EmoVu player easily embeds into any web page and provides real-time qualitative video analytics that include viewers emotional responses that synchronize with video playback on a second by second level, The intelligent player also identifies viewers’ gender, age group and their corresponding DMA.

Easy to follow steps.

  1. Login to your premium account.
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  2. Visit EmoVu Player page.
  3. Choose or upload your video.
  4. Copy your video embed code and paste it anywhere on the web!

Sample Embed Code

It only takes a single line of code to embed EmoVu Player. Use the following in any webpage and start tracking your viewers emotional responses today!
<iframe src="http://emovu.com/embed?id=ff1de3d2&results=true" width="700" height="600" frameBorder="0"></iframe>

EmoVu Player with analytics graph

EmoVu Player without analytics graph

Benefits of EmoVu Player


Using a simple one line code, EmoVu player can be embedded into any web page, including web surveys, social networks, blogs, news articles, websites, video portals…etc. Viewers are prompted to allow access to their camera. After they opt-in, the software automatically reads their facial micro expressions in real-time as the video plays.

Highly Accurate

EmoVu player’s near-real time processing provides the highest form of qualitative video analytics towards emotions recognition, gender identification and age group distribution. All data analytics is then segmented in to DMA’s for added insights.


One of the player’s unique features is the ability to attach the video’s emotional graph right into the player. This makes the video content much more discoverable, which naturally translates into more clicks and social share.


EmoVu Player automatically synchronizes emotional findings with video playback so you know exactly each emotional reaction on a second by second basis in the video timeline.


EmoVu player can be customized to display a combination of any or all of the 7 universal emotions, any or all of the 5 engagement metrics and any or all of the mood indicators.

Qualitative Analytics

The full range of data metrics is available immediately through EmoVu Dashboard for detailed insights and analysis.

Normative Benchmarking

EmoVu player transmits all processed data to EmoVu portal where A/B testing and other demographics analysis can be performed on a second by second level.

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